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Backyard Camping

Sometimes life gets crazy, and no matter how hard we try to plan and execute our plans they just don’t work out.  Recently our family schedule has been super crazy and Scott and I have felt overwhelmed with the idea of planning out a camping trip for the family. Any time we tried putting something [Read more…]

Hiking Wahclella Falls

A friend and I took the kids to hike to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge and it was so fun!  It was a little over a mile to the waterfall and the older boys did great doing it on their own.  To actually get us to the waterfall—instead of playing with rocks in [Read more…]

Expanding our Yard

A few weeks ago we acquired a free play structure from our local classifieds ads.  It’s really quite a funny story because Scott was working while he felt inclined to check the “Free” section of the classifieds (he had recently picked up free sod that he put in our backyard and I’m sure he was [Read more…]

Attempting to Fish

First, Scott and I just died laughing over these photos of them in their fishing vests!!  They are Scott’s and his brother’s (we think) from when they were young and it’s hilarious to see Scott and Carter wearing them now!  It’s like the illusion of pouring the same amount of water in two different sized [Read more…]

Playground Play

We LOVE being out and about.  The kids and I go out several times a week for adventures and boy do we all sleep well at night when we keep busy!  Last week we ventured out to a playground not too far away that we hadn’t been to in a long time.  It’s a part [Read more…]