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We Broke A Bus

As the inaugural post on this new section, I hoped that it would be something uplifting and fantastic. Instead, I present to you what engulfed our Friday afternoon and Saturday last week. Of course, when I say “engulfed” what I mean is “Emily’s uncle Jeff took care of it because he’s incredibly awesome”.  So here’s [Read more…]

Travel & Cinematography

We both knew our Aussie friend Kelsie before we even knew each other, but under different circumstances. Emily and Kelsie were in the same freshman classes together during their first semester in college. Meanwhile, Kelsie and I were in the same apartment complex and church group (or “ward”, as we call them). In either instance, [Read more…]

Eating Pizza | Pizza Night in Ecuador

Pizza Night in Quito

The group for our church we’ve been able to attend here in Ecuador has been incredible. So many good people.  On Monday we did a joint Family Home Evening with some new friends, and they took us to a new pizza place that they said was pretty good. They definitely played it down… this was [Read more…]