This is the last room on our bus to feature in our Bus Tour series!  And I obviously saved the best for last: the bathroom!  Actually, there’s no particular reason as to why the bathroom is last, it more just comes down to the fact that I just barely took pictures of it the other day.  So, because of laziness and a lack of photos until now, here’s The Bathroom!



It wasn’t until I took the photos of this space that I realized how very very bland it is.  I mean, most of our color is coming from the hand sanitizer and the squirt bottle!  Blah…  I had big plans to put more color in here with some sort of art/print but I just could never decide on what to put in my bathroom.  There were the funny prints with sarcastic bathroom humor or the inspirational “You’re beautiful” prints, but they would be going on the wall next to the toilet (this wall is not pictured in these photos because it is bare) and I just didn’t feel like anything fit.  So, keep an eye out for the day when I do find THE PERFECT bathroom art/print because I will be informing you when that day comes.

It might be a little hard to tell, but in the above photo you can see that the toilet is situated on a step with another raised area next to it.  This is because we put our bathroom over the wheel wells.  We had to build out over the wheel wells to make the space functional and for us that meant making our toilet a few inches off the ground.  We have a basket under the step the toilet is on to store extra toilet paper.  Also, the steps are actually awesome for a potty trained toddler though because we have built in secure steps for Carter to climb up and down so he can access the toilet all by himself!  I actually kind of forget that this is weird until we use a toilet somewhere else and Carter can’t do it himself… lame.  So yay for happy accidents in the building process!  There are no other happy accidents that happen in a bathroom.



Our bathroom situation consists of a Nature’s Head Composting toilet on one side (pictured above) and a 2x3ft tub/shower on the other side (pictured below).  We chose to go with a composting toilet for several reasons:

  1. No black water tank!  Probably the biggest reason.
  2. No extra plumbing. One and two kind of go hand in hand, but we were lazy and didn’t want to have to do even more plumbing, especially to the other side of the bus.
  3. Environmentally conscious.  Okay, technically this isn’t really a reason for us to have a composting toilet, it’s just an extra bonus.
  4. No black water tank!  Did I say that already?  Well, it’s worth saying again.

We were first introduced to the idea of composting toilets by some friends of mine that were living on an airstream using a 5gal bucket with a toilet seat and they mixed in wood chips after every use.  Intriguing yes.  Doable for me?  Heck no.  That did not sound awesome, but I figured that wasn’t all there was to composting toilets.  That led us to do more research on the topic and we soon became endeared to Gone With the Wynns.  They had tons of information on this specific Nature’s Head Composting toilet and after reading several other reviews on the toilet we went for it.  I’ll save you all the dirty details and direct you again to Gone with the Wynns because they’ve done an excellent job explaining the toilet and how it works and answering any and all questions we’ve ever had in several of their posts!



So this is the opposite door (the toilet area is to the right).  This photo is taken while standing the nursery/Scott’s office.  You can see our linen closet and laundry basket to the left of the shower, and you guessed it the shower is behind the striped curtain.  Our linen closet holds just that; extra towels, sheets, pillow cases, toiletries, etc.



An behind the curtain, the tub/shower!  During the building process my dad was adamant that we have a tub.  I was less so because we hadn’t had one for Carter for a year of his life (age 7mo to 18mo) while we were traveling internationally so I figured we could just do without one again.  Well, boy am I glad that my dad was so motivated!  We found the perfect 2x3ft tub on amazon and we were able to build it in.  What’s not pictured and is kind of hard to explain is the rest of the space in the shower.  So bear with me while I try to work this out into something understandable…

You see the linen closet?  Well the linen closet only goes back about 13 inches.  Behind the linen closet is another 20ish inches of space that we turned into a platform attached to the tub.  Like with the toilet area, we were working around a wheel well here so we took advantage of the otherwise dead space in building the platform.  So, if you’re standing at the very front of the tub, closest to the shower curtain, there is the wall to the linen closet to the your left.  If you take a step forward, towards the shower head, that space opens up!  It makes the shower space feel much more roomy and we have plenty of space for our soaps/shampoos and the kids toys.


img_2678 img_2676

And now we’re going back to the toilet area.  We found these hanging organizers at IKEA and they’ve been great for this space!  They’ve been a fun alternative to a medicine cabinet and we love what they add to the bathroom area.

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