While brainstorming renovation plans for our 240 sqft bus, I was adamant that we had a guest bedroom!  Now, this is not your usual guest bedroom with a queen size bed, an empty dresser, maybe a reading chair, a vanity, and your own bathroom.  Nah, we like to keep it REAL close and personal here!

Our “guest bedroom” consists of our living room couches opening up into a queen size bed, an empty drivers seat to put your suitcase and your bedding during the day, your reading chair is the couch once you’ve put the bed away, no vanity, just push your way in front of someone else to see yourself in the one mirror we have, and heck yes we’re sharing our 4×8 ft bathroom!  Oh and we use a composting toilet, so I hope you’re okay with that 👍

Despite how uninviting that might sound, we have actually had a number of guests stay with us!  I’m not sure what they’d tell you when we’re not around, but we have really enjoyed having company!

While my mom was in town this last time she was nice enough to let me take some photos of her and the kids playing on the guest bed.  Carter was being a bit crazy and Zellie was very tired, but they managed to have fun for at least a little bit and I love these photos of my kids playing with their grandma!

bus-conversion-couches-bed-1 bus-conversion-couches-bed-2 bus-conversion-couches-bed-3 bus-conversion-couches-bed-4

Our couch cushions are 4″ foam pads and we add a 2″ memory foam pad when someone sleeps on it.  It really makes for a comfy spot!


bus-conversion-couches-bed-8 bus-conversion-couches-bed-7 bus-conversion-couches-bed-6 bus-conversion-couches-bed-12 bus-conversion-couches-bed-11 bus-conversion-couches-bed-15 bus-conversion-couches-bed-13 bus-conversion-couches-bed-14

She was soo tired!  Haha



We used IKEA slats in the As-Is section for the couches. My dad cut the slats to the size of the couches and coordinated them to have the pull-outs that create the guest bed.  Even when we don’t have guests, we enjoy pulling out the bed sometimes to have a nice big area to cuddle and read books or (attempt) to have everyone take a nap together.  Because, you know, taking a nap all together sounds more ideal than it actually turns out to be.