Happy Friday friends!!  We’re here today with another BUS TOUR!!!  I’m about ready to feature our living room, but first a disclaimer… these photos were taken several months ago when it was still summer!  My home has now been transformed into a warm, moody autumn sanctuary (ha, I wish).  But seriously, it’s a little weird for me to look back at these photos because a few different pillows and a wreath really make a place look different!  You can check out our Bus Tour: The Guest Bedroom post to see more of our autumn vibe.

Soooo… the living room!  It’s pretty simple with two 5ft couches.  My dad custom built these couches to have storage and to be pulled out into a bed!  He’s a pretty smart cookie.  (Can you tell that I haven’t gotten much sleep lately and am super tired?? #somebodystopmebeforeIembarrassmyself #toolate)


emily-on-a-bus-tour-21-storage emily-on-a-bus-tour-22-storage

Just one side of each couch has storage underneath because the other side is over the wheel well.  The pieces are on hinges so they’re easy to lift up.  On one side we store extra bags, and some camping gear.  On the other side is where all of my sewing equipment sleeps!  Well, not all of it… as I have run out of space there and am slowly starting to take over the whole bus with sewing stuff (#muahahaha).



We also have this very hand coat closet!  It’s for coats (obvs) (sorry, #obvs) and a giant mess of our shoes.  We had a little extra space up front after we made the couches identical to each other so it was nice to be able to create this into a coat closet.  It was one of those things that we didn’t plan on from the beginning, but was a super awesome surprise when we realized it was possible!

I have received a lot of feedback on our Bus Tour posts to show how the couches were built to pull out into the guest bed, and I’m working on that!  I’ll also snap a couple photos of the storage spaces open so you can see how those work!

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