We chose to have our bedroom closest to the kitchen and the kid’s nursery/Scott’s office in the back of the bus so that A) Scott could have his own uninterrupted (ha! yeah right!) office space to work in during the day and B) we could put the kids in bed and still have access to the whole house without worrying about waking them up.  Our kids are young so they go down earlier than us—sometimes before Scott and I get a chance to have dinner—so giving them their own room with doors was important to us.

The Master Bedroom

Since our bed would then be in the middle of the bus, we chose to do a Murphy bed that folds down out of the wall!  Talk about a fantastic space saver!  We purchased a Murphy bed kit HERE and then bought all of our wood and small hardware separately as per the instructions with the kit recommended.  On either side of the bed there is a closet; one for me and one for Scott.  These closets serve as the frame for the Murphy bed pistons and they work beautifully.  Our vision was that the closets would have doors eventually… but they still don’t so I doubt they ever will…


During the day, the Master Bedroom is no where in sight.  Since we have a Murphy bed, it is tucked away as a wall in the playroom!  Having a Murphy bed that folds up into the wall is amazing, but also inconvenient at times.  It’s amazing because it takes very little time to make the bed and then it’s out of sight, out of mind for the rest of the day!  It’s inconvenient for that awful 2 o’clock hour when I often lose all my energy and just want to lie down… but then again it’s good that it’s not available so I don’t lie down… or is it?



To access the bed, we move the cushions and pillows down to the floor and then lift the bed legs.  When the legs are lifted they release the bed and we pull it down.  The bed has weighted pistons attached to it to assist in lowering and raising the bed so it’s not super heavy. I do get a good single push-up in though when I lift the bed to put it away in the morning!  The bed sits on the hinged legs as well as this bench.  We repurposed upper cabinets from the same cabinet set that we have in our kitchen.



There is quite a bit of storage under the bed and it’s accessible when the cushions and pillows are removed.  We can just pull the bench out to access the bigger items stored under there.  When building the bus we were very conscious of all the places we could use as storage!  We were able to get three of THESE TOTES that fit perfectly under this queen bed with room to squish a few extra things on top.  Scott hates that I squish random things under the bed, but I feel like I’m doing really well at utilizing every inch of space!



And there you have it!  There is enough room to walk by the bed to access the bathroom or the kids nursery/Scott’s office behind that door.  We have an IKEA mattress and mattress topper as well as IKEA pillows, sheets, comforter, duvet set… but you probably didn’t care about that 🙂



My pathetic attempt to put decorative pillows on our bed.  Some day I’ll get around to hanging pictures on this wall and I’ll decorate this area much better!  This photo shows the view from the door of the bathroom looking towards the front of the bus.



And Scott and I each have our own closet on either side of the bed.  That is all the clothes I own!  There are a few seasonal items in storage that I’ll swap out, but yeah that’s my whole closet!

So there you have the master bedroom!  There’s plenty more of this bus to tour you through, so stay tuned!  And if you missed it, we’ve done a KITCHEN TOUR already.