I’ve talked about it a lot, so it’s time to show it off! Today’s Bus Tour post is of The Nursery and Scott’s Office.

Scott works full time from home so it was important for him to have am office space. Our kids are young and go to bed early, so it was important for them to have a room that was separate from the rest of the house. We decided to put the office and the nursery in the same room at the very back of the bus since neither need a ton of space and it has worked out great for us!



This is Carter’s loft bed that he accesses by a ladder. We chose to do a twin bed instead of a toddler bed for him so we wouldn’t have to worry about him growing out of it.


bus-renovation-tiny-home-12 bus-renovation-tiny-home-13

Underneath Carter’s loft bed is a space for Zellie’s bassinet as well as a lot of storage! The kids have a hanging closet back there as well as bins full of clothes. We also have 3 large totes stored back there that hold our seasonal clothing. There really is a lot of storage space in this little area!  Also can we talk about this Toucan for a second??  A dear friend of mine made it for Zellie before she was born and I could not wait to put it in her nursery!  Now it’s there and it is a much loved animal in our home ❤️



These pictures were actually taken a little while ago, and Zellie has since grown out of her bassinet. We used that space to build a custom bed for Zellie that also works great as a reading nook during the day! I’ll work on getting pictures of that up soon!



And Scott’s office. It really is just this desk and the upper cabinets! He has bins under his desk as well to store stuff, but just the other day he was telling me that he had a large empty bin that he didn’t know what to fill with… I told him that I’d be happy to do it for him 😉

As always, this space is full of either IKEA or custom built things. My dad made Carter’s bed/ladder and Scott built out the shelves/storage underneath as well as his desk. And my dad continued the custom upper cabinets from the rest of the house into Scott’s office.

Have any questions for us??

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