Since Zellie has grown out of her bassinet, we decided to put in a little bed for her.  We purchased some OSB and a post and had them cut to our measurements at the lumber store.  I then took a queen sized memory foam pad that we had purchased as an extra layer on the guest bed for the company we’d had and cut it to fit the space.  We double layered it for extra comfort since Scott or I lie down with Zellie to get her to sleep.



We also relocated one of their storage bins in the closet and put some of our books!  Carter loves to go in this space during the day, get all comfy cozy, and read.  I love that he has a little reading nook!  Zellie and I join him often as well so it’s a great space for the 3 of us.


img_2652 img_2659 img_2660 img_2658

This bed will be a great size for Zellie for a few years.  And if/when we have use for the bassinet again while living on the bus, we can easily remove the bed and put the travel bassinet back in it’s place!

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