We are constantly getting questions about how we were able to buy a bus and how we came up with our floor plan and how we did our renovations, etc.  I (Emily) am especially horrible at responding to anyone 🙈 because I read emails and comments while I’m getting food for a kid or waiting on one to be done in the bathroom and then I put my phone down and forget all about it!  Man, that’s really bad!  So, in an attempt to answer some questions, and to better document for ourselves how we got into this crazy bus lifestyle, we’re going to be going through old photos of the whole process and blogging about them!


We have a blog post from when we first bought the bus and then we have a few more, but very uninformative, posts about updated progress but without many photos.  It’s been really fun for us to go back and look through these photos and videos of when we bought and renovation the bus!  Can you believe we bought it almost 2 years ago????  I seriously can’t believe how fast time goes sometimes.  Living in the bus this Winter has definitely cultivated a love/hate relationship with our lifestyle, but now that Spring is coming we are looking forward to whatever our life throws at us whether on the bus or off the bus!  One thing that continues to be our life goal, or motto, or just what makes us the happiest is experiencing new adventures and cultures as a family and that is what we’re going to continue to do!


And some teaser photos of what’s coming!