So, I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

What is going on with the bus?


You’ve probably noticed on our social media and the blog that we haven’t been talking too much about the bus.  I’m sure no one has lost sleep over this matter, but now that the holidays have calmed down and we’re settling into life as a family of four we’re ready to talk.

Getting to Texas

After spending September, October, and November traveling around the PNW we quickly made our way through California, picking my mom up at the airport in San Diego, and then on to Texas.  My mom helped drive our car behind the bus because my back was not doing well with car rides longer than 3 hours.  Needless to say, she was a life saver!  With her help we accomplished our goal of making it to Texas the week of Thanksgiving.

Since we arrived at my parent’s home in Texas at 1:00 AM, we left the bus parked in front of their house.  By noon the next day we had a police officer knock on our door.  Apparently they had received several phone calls reporting a suspicious vehicle parked in the neighborhood… Luckily the police officer thought that all of the calls they had received were more annoying than anything and was intrigued by our bus.  He wished us luck and apologized for having to stop by to please the masses.

At 2:30 PM that day, we moved the bus out to my aunt and uncles farm about 30 minutes away.  Our bus has been stored there ever since.  Right after Thanksgiving we were able to spend a few days out on the bus doing some repairs, but once we had Zellie and were in the thick of the holidays, we were lucky to get out once a week to just look at the bus.


Scott and my dad have been working hard the last couple weeks on some much needed additions and it’s very exciting that the end is in sight!  (I say that, but I fear there will always be something to work on…)  We’re adding a coat closet at the front of the bus, upper cabinets in Carter’s playroom and Scott’s office, and lots of new storage space in Carter’s bedroom/Scott’s office!  These changes are very exciting to see progress and I think they’ll help make life as a family of four more organized in our small space.

We’ve planned to be done with the inside renovations this weekend, then complete painting everything by next week.  We’re also taking on the task of cleaning off the outside!  We’ve left the outside of the bus looking horrible for too long, now it’s time to clean off the black smudgy stuff that is everywhere and hope it helps to make it less horrible haha.

If all goes as planned, we’ll be moving into the bus in less than 2 weeks!  We’ll stay in the area for a little while to make sure we finish all of the renovations, especially the small details like cabinet doors, trim, and baseboards.  We’re excited to be back in our home and very grateful for all the time we were able to spend with family over the holidays!

Scott disagrees with me, but I feel that a post with pictures is better than a post without, no matter how crappy the pictures are!  Okay, that’s not the case in every situation, but I felt that showing some awful phone photos of our recent additions in progress would be more exciting than nothing.  There are descriptions in the captions!  You’re welcome 🙂