So, the bus is making a lot of progress!  We unfortunately didn’t meet our goals to be able to take it camping in Oregon with my family next week 🙁  but our new goal is to leave for Oregon the second week of August and we’ll start camping/living/exploring then!  Scott is staying in Utah with the bus, and Carter and I are joining my family on the camping trip to Oregon next week.


Our shower is all framed and ready for FRP.  We’ve even framed two of the walls for the linen closet that is right next to the shower.  We’ll be putting permanent shelves into the linen closet to help support the walls and I’m thinking that we’ll just do 12.5″ shelves to fit the IKEA 12″ cloth boxes to help with simple organization.


Our Murphy bed is up and completely functional!  We even have the mattress in and the bed made so Scott is sleeping on it while he’s still in Utah doing renovations.  I LOVE this bed!  It is so fulfilling to see it functional and know that I helped build it from the very beginning.  But then I think about how I still have to paint it… and it’s not quite as exciting any more haha.


Seeing the kitchen come together is one of my favorite parts.  We’re so close to putting in the countertops and I can’t wait to see what my new cooking/baking space will finally look like!!  We’ve made sure to allow for plenty of counter space (about 10ft total) and we’re allowing for lots of storage.  And my baby blue Kitchen Aid will be the perfect addition to the butcher block countertops.  We have a 5′ RV fridge, a full-size sink, a clothes washer, and a microwave convection oven in the fridge.  (Anyone have tips/tricks for using microwave convection ovens?)



Scott has been working hard on the floors!!  He’s made amazing progress the last two days and it’s killing me that I’ve only seen it in pictures 🙁

We still have the front couches, the toilet room, the “garage”, Carter’s bed, and Scott’s office to build, but hopefully after we get the floor in this week all of that will go by fast!  It’s a little nerve-racking knowing that I won’t be seeing the bus for about 2 weeks and Scott is in charge of doing a lot of stuff on his own.  I’m sure he’ll do great though!

I’m just excited for everything to be built so I can paint (or pay someone to paint… seriously though) and then decorate!  All the little details make me giddy as I think about making a magnetic wall to hang up Carter’s little drawings and all of our pictures, how I’ll organize his train set, puzzles, and books, what pillows I’ll put on which bed/couch, how I’ll make our baby girl’s area special for her when she comes… Putting together this tiny home on a bus is a dream come true for me because I get a chance to experiment and decorate in a space that’s not overwhelming.  Except for the fact that I’m still overwhelmed…

AND… Huge shout out to all those who came to our open house in Utah last week!  We had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!  Here are a few pictures from the evening.