Update on the Bus and Life

I’ve become with worst with blogging.  It’s not that our life is boring (because believe me, there is rarely a dull moment over here); it’s more that there’s so much going on that I feel overwhelmed with trying to document it all.  Or even some of it for that matter.  If you follow us on [Read more…]

We Broke A Bus

As the inaugural post on this new section, I hoped that it would be something uplifting and fantastic. Instead, I present to you what engulfed our Friday afternoon and Saturday last week. Of course, when I say “engulfed” what I mean is “Emily’s uncle Jeff took care of it because he’s incredibly awesome”.  So here’s [Read more…]

We Bought A Bus

Remember our goal to build a semi-transportable tiny home we set for ourselves at the beginning of the new year? Well, it is finally becoming a reality!  Ready for the details? With the help of our awesome uncle in Denver, we bought a 2000 Orion V retired Denver City Bus. The bus is 8.5 x [Read more…]