Independence Day Celebration 2017

We hope everyone had a fun 4th of July!  This year was probably my favorite 4th of July to date!  It was filled with so much food, so many wonderful friends, quite a bit of relaxing, and a really amazing fireworks show over the river.  Carter loved seeing “America” everything (anything that is red, white, [Read more…]

Our Little Rockband

In looking back at these photos I teased Scott about how he does not have a happy, inviting face when he plays instruments to which he responded, “Hey, I was laying down a sick jazz set right then, I couldn’t just smile!” Scott has had the opportunity to rent office space from this local music [Read more…]

New Construction Outside

The road right off of our driveway is getting a HUGE makeover… For about 5 months they’re going to be tearing down and rebuilding a small bridge that goes over a stream.  Apparently this has been needing to happen for a few years now, and for some reason they just had to decide to do [Read more…]