Kingsley Reservoir at Sunset

Last week we spontaneously drove to a nearby lake and spent several hours living in this perfect little snippet of life as the sun set.  Luckily we have some pretty spontaneous friends who like to join us on our last minute trips!  We had fun kayaking, letting the kids swim, and watching Scott catch a [Read more…]

Bald Butte Hiking

I could never ever ever tire from looking at this beautiful mountain.  The other week the kids and I ventured out to hike Bald Butte in search of some stunning views of Mt Hood and it did not disappoint!   This photo was taken from the car.  The two kids and I hiked up way [Read more…]

Dog Creek Falls

Remember that time I took a skate to my leg and ended up with a deep laceration and 18 stitches?  Man oh man, that feels like it was months ago but it was really only a few weeks ago!  This little outing to Dog Creek Falls was the first time I left the house (other [Read more…]