Sick Days and Rainy Days

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled “catch up” posts from our adventures last week to let you know a little bit about what has been going on this week.  In short, not much has happened.  Carter got sick at the beginning of the week and has been overly tired and irritable so he and I have [Read more…]

A Party Bus to Baños

Last weekend a good friend that we know from our time in Utah, but is from Guayaquil and is currently living there, met up with us and we all headed to Baños!  And that’s a city, not the bathroom.  We had heard a lot of really great things about how beautiful the area is and [Read more…]

Eating Pizza | Pizza Night in Ecuador

Pizza Night in Quito

The group for our church we’ve been able to attend here in Ecuador has been incredible. So many good people.  On Monday we did a joint Family Home Evening with some new friends, and they took us to a new pizza place that they said was pretty good. They definitely played it down… this was [Read more…]

Our Home in Ecuador

We’ve been in Ecuador for only a few days, but it feels like we’ve known it for weeks.  We settled into our new place so easily and have been loving every second here!  Well, except for the dozens of sand fly bites on our legs… We don’t love that part. But everything else has been [Read more…]