A Day in Fiesole

The other day we went to Fiesole.  We were actually on a bus to go to San Domenico (a few bus stops before Fiesole) when we met an American couple who said they were going to Fiesole for the antique market.  Antique market??  I batted my eyes at Scott and we decided to take the [Read more…]

Checking Out David

The Galleria dell’Accademia was the smallest museum I think I’ve ever been in. Elizabeth and I were walking through just chatting with each other and we went through an entire section twice before we realized it. There were definitely some really cool things to see in the museum, lots of statues, but the main thing [Read more…]

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My Heart Belongs to the Duomo

There’s this cathedral in Florence, Italy and it’s caught my eye.  It’s so unique in it’s architecture and design to other buildings here.  You can see this building peaking its dome out between the narrow streets and it’s overwhelming when you break through the tall buildings into the open piazza. Formally known as The Basilica di [Read more…]

San Miniato Al Monte

Each day that we go out to explore Florence, Scott and I take turns planning the itinerary. On this particular day, Scott insisted on not discussing the plans with me, but told me that I wouldn’t be disappointed (Honestly, it would be hard to be disappointed in Florence!). We went to a different bus stop [Read more…]