Building Sand Castles

The other day, we made our way to breakfast with intentions of spending some time on the beach, but it was cloudy and lightly raining.  We took our time at breakfast (or as much time as Carter would let us take) just hoping that the clouds would clear a little and the rain would stop. [Read more…]

Camel Cuisine

We ate at the fanciest little restaurant called La Decouverte the other night because a friend recommended a dish we just couldn’t pass up: camel couscous. You heard me. Camel! We figured if we’re going to ride a camel while in Morocco, we might as well eat one, right?! The restaurant is closed from 3-6:30pm [Read more…]

Sunsets Never Grow Old

We planned an evening to eat dinner in the medina and then watch the sunset in Essaouira.  Before we found a place to eat, we stopped by the spice guy’s spice shop.  Scott recently took a Moroccan cooking class and the chicken tajine spices that he used were prepared by this spice guy so we [Read more…]