Truman Tracks

After visiting Punakaiki, we drove about 15 minutes to Truman Tracks.  We found ourselves hiking on a tree covered trail with little light breaking through and then the tracked opened to the coast. Man, we never get sick of seeing the coast here in New Zealand.    We got to the beach about 30 minutes [Read more…]

Harwood Hole

About a month before we boarded a plane to New Zealand I was doing a little research on some things worth doing while we were there and I came across Harwood Hole.  It’s New Zealand’s deepest vertical shaft and the trail takes you right to the opening.  The turn off for the trail is located [Read more…]

Wainui Falls

We went on this hike to Wainui Falls without any suggestion from anyone.  We finished our morning in Totaranui earlier than we had planned and we had some time on our hands, so when we saw a sign for waterfalls we had to stop.  And we’re sure glad we did! Here’s me looking for a [Read more…]


We drove for what felt like hours upon hours on the windiest roads to get to Toturanui late at night.  We didn’t know exactly where we were parking, we just found an empty lot and called it good.  Scott tried his hand at some night time shots.  They turned out great! We woke up as [Read more…]

Wharariki Beach

Wharariki beach is by far the most amazing beach we’ve ever seen.  Ever.  We raced there as fast as we could on a dirt road to make it for the sunset only to find that there was a 20 min walk from the carpark to get to the beach.  We loaded Carter in the baby [Read more…]