The Hike to Casaroro Falls

“So we have 2 choices: do you want to go to the beach today, or hike to a waterfall?” “Umm, I think hiking to a waterfall sounds good.” “Okay, great. Apparently people have died on this hike, so it’s gotta be pretty cool.” And off we went to Casaroro Falls outside of the tiny town [Read more…]

Getting Settled

Each month we move into new living arrangements in a new place, and each month we spend about a week or so getting settled in and comfortable.  Our place here in Dumaguete is no exception, but settling in has seemed so much easier here.  It really does feel like we’re living in a little part [Read more…]

Meeting Dumaguete

A mildly scary experience–combined with a weird stomach ache–made for a not so fun two-and-a-half days in Manila.  Luckily, our hotel was decent and we felt very comfortable in our room.  Carter was able to stretch and play and I was able to recover from being sick.  Even though we had to wake up at [Read more…]

Getting Lost in Manila

It had started raining for the third time that hour. I found it rather pointless to yet again pull out the umbrella just in time for the rain to stop, but I kept it at the ready in case it turned into a torrential downpour. Besides, having the umbrella in my hand made me feel [Read more…]