House Sitting Day 8

Today Carter and I went to Worden Park.  Worden Park is a HUGE park close to where we’re house sitting.  Apparently people come from far away just to experience this park.  Lucky for us, we’re just a 30 minute walk away.  Well more like 45 if you get lost and have to back track a [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 7

Today I went up to my room with Carter to change his nappy and when I opened the door I saw a little bird fly from the bedroom into the bathroom!  My first thought was, “It worked!” seeing as how the opera voice I had been singing in as I came up the stairs to [Read more…]

Housesitting Day 6

Well we’ve learned that we don’t want to have a rescued dog ever again.  I guess that’s a little harsh.  How about this: we don’t want to have a rescued dog along with 6 other dogs that aren’t ours, but we are caring for for 2 weeks.  Haha we really do love Belle, but she [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 5

Another normal day here housesitting.  No messes to report and nothing too exciting happened.  We’ve settled into our morning routine pretty well: let the dogs outside, prepare their food and feed them, take them outside and check duck food and water, check chicken food and water and collect eggs, feed fish.  It’s been a great [Read more…]