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Frequently Asked Questions

Side note: this FAQ is a bit outdated and we’re currently in the process of updating it. If you have any questions you want to see here, please leave a comment at the bottom or write us at!

Where are you from?

Scott is from Las Vegas, Nevada (but he claims California sometimes because he was born there) and I (Emily) am from Texas (even though my family spent 9 years in Pennsylvania, I left for university after only 5 years in PA so I still claim TX).  We met at university in Utah (BYU), married there, lived there for several years, and Carter was born there.

If you lived in Utah, and you went to BYU… are you Mormon?

Yes we are Mormon, or more formally, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  If you come to our blog often, you might notice that we strive to attend our church meetings wherever we are living—this is because Sunday is a day we try to set aside to worship and remember Christ and His teachings.  Even when we were living in Taiwan and didn’t understand any Chinese, we attended church and other activities, and it was a great experience we’ll never forget to see the faith of those all around the world.  We were very grateful to have such welcoming members who were so kind to us and for those who were willing to translate the lessons for us.

If we are going to be in an area where you, a relative, a good friend, or a distant stranger are living and would like to accompany us to church (whether you’re a member or not) let us know!  It’s much more fun to go to church with others. 🙂

If you are wanting to know more about our personal beliefs and values, you can check out my “I’m a Mormon” profile.  If you are wanting to know more about our faith, you can check out and

So, Why a bus?

When we were finishing up our 12 Countries in 12 Months trip we were feeling overwhelmed with trying to decide where to move to upon returning to the US.  We had experienced a lot of things in our traveling abroad that shaped our desires for wanting our future home to have a small footprint, but how do we decide where to put roots for our family?  Honestly, I wasn’t done traveling so I worked hard to convince Scott that our future home needed to be on wheels.  We could have the comfort and stability of a home all while traveling around the US scouting out a place to put our roots.

Our home on wheels being a bus was actually my mom’s idea!  She had seen a few converted buses on Pinterest after talking with my uncle who was buying retired city transit buses out of auction.  We weren’t sold on the idea at first, but when we realized how amazing this opportunity was for us we jumped at it!

Did you do the renovations yourselves?

Yep!  With the help of my dad and a few other awesome family and friends on many occasions, we did all the renovations ourselves.  We did hire out to have the outside painted and we’re glad we did!

How long did your renovations take?

We started renovations in May 2015 and we had about 75% of the bus done by September 2015—when we started living and traveling on the bus.  We made a pit stop in Texas for Thanksgiving 2015, had Zellie a couple weeks later, finished up final construction and renovations and were back on the road March 2016.  We still have a few projects that we’re very slowly working on, so I guess we’re still not 100% done?  Oh the joys of DIY projects!


Now it’s your turn!

We love documenting our life on this blog for several reasons, but now we’d like to know what you want to hear about (travel, budgeting, airline mileage points, living in a new culture, family life, miscarriage, gear, products we use, photography, etc).  Email us at, and please ask whatever questions you have for us about anything—seriously, anything!