We’ve gotten a couple questions about our baby carrier that we’re using for Carter so we figure its about time write a post about it.


We are using an Ergobaby carrier and we absolutely love it!  There are several different kinds of baby carriers out there and I have heard and read many great things about many of them.  We decided on the Ergobaby carrier mainly because of price and availability.  We originally planned on using our Moby Wrap for our trip, but we had an opportunity to get a carrier for an extremely good deal so we made the switch (I still highly recommend a baby wrap versus a carrier for at least 0-4 months old). I picked up our Ergobaby carrier for $40 at a local flea market.  This carrier usually runs around $120 so I was estatic when I found it on sale!


I’m sure we would be happy with a couple of the different baby carriers out there, but here are some of the pros and cons we’ve found while using the Ergobaby carrier:


  • Pockets

This carrier has two pockets–a zipper pocket and an open pouch pocket.  We LOVE the pockets!  The zipper pocket is big enough to fit a diaper and a small soft wipes container which is really nice when we don’t want to carry around our diaper bag on a smaller trip.  I also often use this pocket for my wallet, extra socks for Carter, a toy or two, our phone, or our camera.  The pocket is very accessible when the carrier is worn on the front, but it’s not very accessible by the person wearing the carrier when it’s worn on the back.  The open pouch pocket is perfect to stuff the shade cover in when not in use.

  • Easy to Adjust

The Ergoaby carrier is easy to adjust between me and Scott and we’ve both found it to be a comfortable fit for each of us.

  • Comfortable Straps

The hip and shoulder straps on the Ergobaby carrier are very comfortable.  They have ample padding and they aren’t bulky.  The straps are all easy to adjust while wearing the carrier and there is an adjustable chest strap that is very helpful for distributing weight.

  • Hip Position

The Ergobaby carrier allows baby to be in the natural sitting position while in the carrier.  This position promotes healthy hip development and reduces the risk of hip dysplasia.

  • Better Than a Stroller

Strollers are obviously great for several reasons and I do plan on owning and heavily using a stroller with other kids, but there are certain situations where I will choose a baby carrier over a stroller, hands down:

-crowded areas (zoo, downtown areas, farmers market)

-using public transportation (bus, train, airport)

-anything outdoorsy (hikes, beach walks)

  • 3 Carrying Positions

The Ergobaby carrier can be worn 3 different ways: front carry, back carry, side carry.  The front carry is the absolute most comfortable for me for really long periods of time and Carter falls asleep the fastest in this position.  The back carry is great for hiking so I can actually see my feet and the path in front of me.  Carter does fall asleep in this position, but his head seems to be more stable in the front carry position.  I have only tried the side carry position (see picture below) one time and it was interesting to say the least haha.  I think it will definitely take some getting used to on my part and on Carter’s part.  I think once we are comfortable with it we will both benefit because Carter is able to see more versus when he’s on the front or back and I still get both my hands.

*Update*  Ergobaby now has a baby carrier with 4 carrying positions!  I’m really excited about the 4 Position 360 Carrier and I have it high on my list for things I’ll need for baby #2.

family at brisbane river


  • Shade Cover

The shade cover is not removable–which I find annoying–but it does fold up into the open pouch pocket in the front which is nice.  It’s also nice that you can’t lose it when its permanently attached.  So, I guess that’s not really much of a con 🙂

We are huge fans of baby wearing and having a carrier for Carter on our trip has been cost effective for us and very convenient.  We’ve also been very happy with the Ergobaby carrier and would definitely recommend it to anyone!