Newborns seem to just sleep and eat. A lot.  Carter goes through the same cycle every 2-3 hours during the day, almost without fail:

  • Eat 20-30 minutes
  • Burp 15-20 minutes
  • Play 15-20 minutes
  • Sleep 1-1 ½ hours

It takes Carter at least 20 minutes to fall asleep if I’m holding and rocking him, so once I lay him down he only gives me about 30-40 minutes of break time… which doesn’t leave me with very much time to get anything done.  Thankfully, I’ve figured out a way to cheat the system: I wear my baby!

I did a lot of research before Carter was born about what kind of baby carrier or wrap that I wanted to get.  Wraps are made more for newborns, but can work for a child up to 2 years of age (depending on weight).  Carriers are more for infants and toddlers once the baby is able to support their head by themselves, but they do have inserts for newborns. After reading several online reviews and talking to people about their personal experiences with carriers and wraps, I decided that I wanted to go with a cloth wrap.

Having a cloth wrap sounded like the best choice for me because they are extremely easy to wash and dry (a plus for that unavoidable baby spit up and slobber), aren’t super bulky, and keep the baby very close and snug against your chest.  Some wraps are even “one size fits all”, which is great because Scott and I can both wear Carter in the wrap and we don’t have to worry about adjusting buckles and straps all the time.

We were lucky enough to get a Moby wrap as a gift from Scott’s parents and we absolutely love it.  It keeps Carter warm, cozy, and close to me, and he sleeps extremely well in it.  When he starts to get fussy I just slip him inside and softly bounce and he falls right asleep, leaving me to get going on all the things that need two hands.



When Carter was a couple weeks younger, he would wake up around 6-7am really fussy.  It seemed that the only things that comforted him were my heartbeat and movement, so I put on my Moby wrap, slipped him inside, and went walking with our dog.  It’s been great for all of us because Carter ends up calming down and falling asleep within minutes, I get a little exercise in the morning to help start my day, and the pup gets some much needed attention.


Before Carter was born, I was always so nervous about having to go shopping with just me and him.  What if the store I’m going to doesn’t have a shopping cart that fits his carseat?  What if he starts screaming and I’m nowhere near ready to check out?  What if random people gawking at my sweet baby stick their grimy, unclean hand in his carseat and touch his face??  All of these things seem to happen to me every time I go shopping with Carter, but luckily I’ve mostly been with family members who helped immensely.  I quickly learned that a sleeping Carter is a happy shopper, and the best way to keep him comfortable in a new place and asleep was in my Moby wrap.  Oh, and random Kroger grocery store employee, if by any chance you just so happen to be reading this, please don’t touch my baby’s face again.  Thank you.

IMG_0865Getting ready:

If I’m wearing makeup, it’s usually at least a day old.  Sometimes two… or three.  Even though I am grateful for leftover makeup that looks half decent with no effort, it’s nice to wash my face every once in a while and start over.  Oh, and I don’t even want to begin on my hair… It’s healthy to wash your hair once a week right??  Let’s just say I am very happy for dry shampoo and hats.  Luckily, if I know I’m going out somewhere or if I just want an extra self-esteem boost, I can just put on my Moby wrap, slip Carter inside, and spend some time on my hair and makeup.


I’m definitely not much of a cook, nor do I do it very often, but when I do find myself slaving over meals I wear my Moby wrap and slip little Carter inside.  Right now I have the luxury of cooking on an induction stove so I don’t have to worry about catching any fabric on fire with a hot surface or an open flame, but I am VERY careful if I do go any where near the stove while wearing Carter.  Usually I’ll just prepare everything away from the stove or oven and leave those items to Scott to finish up.


I absolutely LOVE holding my baby while he sleeps.  Playing with (and picking lint out of) his tiny fingers and suffocating him with kisses are like pastimes, but it’s really hard for me to do any computer work with one hand.  Carter definitely prefers movement, so I put on my Moby wrap, slip him inside, and get comfy in my rocking chair.


This way I can still feel his soft breaths, hear his little snores, get a whiff of his sweet baby scent, and gaze at him every few minutes while still being able to use two hands to work.

In addition to the things I listed above, I also love to wear my baby when I sew, clean, do laundry, go on crowded excursions, eat, and many other things.  I look forward to exploring the many other types of baby carriers out there and wearing my baby around the world.