As I was walking through the aisles of the grocery store, a little bag with blue balloons caught my eye.  I looked at the bag, then looked at Carter, then looked back at the bag.  I smiled as I pulled it off the rack and tossed it in the cart thinking to myself, “I’m going to win some major ‘Best Mom Ever’ points with these.”

Unfortunately, I had to wait a few days to pull the balloons out, but when I did Carter was so excited.  I pulled out the travel crib with the side door zipped up and as I finished tying up a balloon, I would toss it into the crib.  Carter would waddle as fast as he could over to the crib and try to open the side door to get at the balloons (luckily he doesn’t know how zippers work yet!), then he’d waddle right back to me as I blew up the next one.  Once I had blown them all up, I unzipped the side door just a little bit and Carter practically jumped inside!  He had a blast tossing the balloons up and hitting them around.  He thought it was hilarious to push them out the side door while I snatched them and put them right back in the crib.

We had such a great time playing in our travel crib with the balloons.