It’s been a week since we opened the package that contained our brand new travel crib (thanks, Guava Family!), and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it’s been.  Here are just a few features that I love:


It was way easier to set up than any pack-n-play I’ve ever used.  Not to mention, WAY lighter!


I love the size of it—you can carry it through doorways without having to break it down at all, and it’s light! (Sorry, I’m just really excited about how light it is.)

The Side Door

We always bring the crib out into the living room during the day and unzip the side door.  We read books in it and I’ll often find him piling up his toys inside.

Carter Loves It

He sleeps so well in it, and I think making it a fun to place to play during the day has really helped him to be more comfortable at night.


When Carter and I are playing in the crib, I’ll sometimes lie down in it and snore loudly to pretend I’m sleeping—I don’t feel any bars or rough edges, because there aren’t any.  It actually surprises me how comfortable it is!


In short (even though the article already is short, haha), we love this thing. I’m sure we’ll have more thoughts the longer we have it, but for now we’re so happy to be traveling with a crib from now on. It’s something we never thought we’d be able to do.

If you want to see how much Carter loves it already (and how easy it is to set up), you can check out our video here:

IMG_6439 IMG_6459 copy IMG_6455 IMG_6445 IMG_6398

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