I did it.  I threw away my cloth diapers and I’m pretty sad about it.  A little distraught actually.

We did a lot of research about traveling with cloth diapers before we left on our trip and unfortunately there’s just not much out there on the subject (Maybe we were just naive in thinking it was an effective option for our kind of trip?).  I’ve decided to share our experience with traveling with cloth diapers to give a little more insight on the topic.

Why Cloth Diapers?

It seems like cloth diapering is becoming “all the rage” in the states right now with several influential blogger mamas paving the way.  There is an incredible amount of information, tips/tricks, and “dirty” details about cloth diapering all over the internet right now.  When I started tossing around the idea of using cloth diapers I was a little nervous, but all the blogger mamas made it look so easy so I figured I could do it too.

While at home in Texas, with a fairly routine schedule, cloth diapering worked wonderfully.  Carter had maybe 1 blowout in 3 months of using the cloth diapers (I was amazed!!), they didn’t stain, washing was super easy, and they were incredibly cute!!  (Disclaimer: The diapers were cute when he was just in the diaper.  The cloth diapers were not cute when Carter was fully clothed because they make him look like he has an oddly shaped body and a ginormous bum.  I don’t know though, maybe it was just my baby??)

So yes, we had a great experience with cloth diapers and we were very happy with the investment.  We were also eager to find a way to use them while on our Twelve Countries trip so we could continue to save money.

Why We Brought Cloth Diapers:

  • Save money
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Plan to use cloth diapers on “at home days” and disposable on “travel days”

Why Cloth Diapering Didn’t Work For Us:

  • No consistent schedule between “at home days” and “travel days”
  • Diapers sat in pail a day or two longer than they should have
  • Carter’s pooping schedule isn’t consistent
  • Weren’t able to maintain diapers properly with enough wash/rinse cycles and occasional strippings

Cloth diapers are decently heavy and take up quite a bit of space so you really have to look at how much room you can sacrifice.  We used a stuff sack to pack our diapers and it helped a ton in saving space!  We used a 16L stuff sack for 12 diapers, 16 inserts, 100 disposable liners, and a diaper pail.

It would also be beneficial to compare your travel schedule with your normal at-home schedule to see if you can continue your washing routine while traveling.  We are on a long-term trip, but we are doing a lot of shorter trips every couple of days so we weren’t able to keep up with our routine.  We are glad that we brought the diapers with us and managed to give them a good chance to prove their worth (or lack of worth) for our situation of traveling as a family on a budget.  We still think that cloth diapering is wonderful and we look forward to doing it again when we return home!

Here’s some more information with how to travel with cloth diapers:

Now that we’ve discarded our cloth diapers we are 6lbs lighter in our packs (yay!!!) so hopefully we won’t have to pay to check a bag again.  We are also pretty conservative with our use of the disposable diapers.  We usually only go through 3 diapers a day (that includes the night time diaper), and we’ve managed to spend less than $30 a month on diapers and wipes.  We’re pretty proud of ourselves!

Have you used cloth diapers while traveling?