Every week we’re trying to answer questions we’ve received from our followers. This week, we’re answering a question about our plans after the 12 Countries trip, and in particular our desire to live in a small(ish) house and be as resourceful as possible. The answer comes down to a few factors, one of them being something called the “tiny house movement”.

First of all, what is the tiny house movement?  Simply put, it’s a group of people who enjoy designing and building their homes to make the most out of small spaces—without having to feel cramped. Every day, new architectural designs and storage spaces are being thought up to make tiny spaces feel comfortable, and there’s less and less reason to not focus our efforts on a small home.  A home is officially considered a part of the tiny house movement when it is under 1000 sqft, but there are many that are even smaller than that.

Since traveling around the world and experiencing the living situations of different cultures and countries in varying levels of development, we’ve come to love the concept of “less is more”.  During our trip we’ve experienced what it’s like to live in both large and small spaces; from a 5-bedroom home with all the amenities to a 0-bedroom bungalow with almost no amenities. We’ve learned what it’s like to live out of a backpack and be resourceful with the things we have around us. Some situations have been harder than others, but we’re always learning from the experiences we encounter.

We know that we want to make traveling a regular part of our lives, even as we expand our family.  We feel that incorporating aspects of “tiny living” will help us be better able to leave the country for several months at a time with minimal repercussions to our lives back home. To clarify, these are the standards that the movement encourages (which we love too):

As we strive to strengthen these things in our present and future, we’ll be paving the way to a simplified lifestyle geared for following our passion: traveling as a family as often as possible.

Though we may not end up with a house under 1000 sqft at the end of it all, whatever we do will utilize the same principles of making the most use out of our space, and we’re getting a lot of our ideas and inspiration from the small homes we encounter here abroad.  There endless lists of things want, don’t want, and need to have in our design, and it adds even more fun when we factor in our plan to have a larger-sized family while maintaining these principles.

And now for some of our favorite space saving designs and ideas!

tiny-house-01 triple-bunkbed outdoor-patio-seating







Our main goal is to house our entire family comfortably (which means anywhere between 5-10 kids) with the option to expand when necessary.  One way that we want to make it happen is by having spaces for “living” outside, such as a deck, patio, sunroom, and a firepit/outdoor cooking area.  The possibilities are endless, and we’re more and more excited every day to think of what we can come up with.

If you want more info on the tiny house movement, here’s a few sites we’ve loved looking at for inspiration:

Tiny House Blog
The Tiny Life
Small House Society

The inspiration images are not our own, but from our Pinterest page.