Never before have I experienced such a strong desire to collapse to the floor and hug my knees and cry.

Scott and I didn’t get seats together on the plane so we planned on asking someone to switch with us, which usually isn’t a problem. Not only did the woman on the plane who we asked to switch with us very sternly say, “No. No way.” but the couple who was in front of us in the line to exit the gate are sitting in front of me on the plane. This wouldn’t be too big of a deal except that, while in line, this couple kept turning and glaring at me because Carter was fussy.  When the woman recognized where their seats were and then saw me, she scowled and then turned to her partner who then made eye contact with me and scowled as well. Wow thanks for making me feel good. It’s not like I’m already apprehensive about being on a tiny plane for several hours with an active 1 year old.

After I cried to myself for a few seconds I avoided eye contact with everyone and held Carter close. Scott kept leaning back across the aisle to get my attention, ask if I was doing okay, and then whisper “I love you.” I would nod, return the “I love you”, and hold back more tears. As I was keeping to myself and playing with Carter, everyone in my row started moving and Scott came and sat next to me. By some miracle, everything worked out. We still have no idea exactly who switched seats with Scott, but someone did and we ended up with a whole row to ourselves.  A small miracle indeed that changed the whole experience for us.