First off, thank you all for following along on this crazy journey of ours as we are living our dream in our bus!  It’s not always easy, but the best things in life take work and we are grateful for how much we are learning and growing as a family.

So, we’ve done something pretty crazy… We update the website!  It’s nothing too special, just a new featured image up top (and can I just say that I think it’s a pretty epic shot from our amazing hike on the Oregon Redwood Trail!) and a few new links in the side bar to help guide any new and curious readers about some of our most popular destinations, guides/reviews, and frequently visited posts.

Side note:  I almost hate to even resurface some of these old videos, but do you remember the “GIRL EATS WORLD” ones we did a couple years back??  Ha!  I ran into those the other day and I figured I would inform anyone who is SUPER BORED that they are there, floating around in cyberspace.  I’ll start you off with a mild one and let you find the others if you feel so inclined…


We’ve also added a new affiliate in our “Partners” section!  Drumroll please….. Or just look in the sidebar I guess haha, but we’ve added Ergobaby!  We’ve been using Ergobaby for over 2 years now and with 2 babies and we love this carrier.  It has been a comfortable carrier for Scott and I as well as the kids (Carter still loves being carried in it!) and we’re excited to be a part of their affiliate program.  What this means is that any time a purchase is made from someone clicking on the photo in the sidebar or any Ergobaby link on our website, we will receive a small commission for using, loving, and promoting their product.  If you or anyone you know is looking to get one of these amazing carriers, feel free to send them our way and we’ll get a small cut to help us continue to adventure as a family!

metolius-river-fish-hatchery-9 DSC00711

We’re grateful for all of you who have reached out to us via social media, email, or even in person and we love the friendships we have made because of this little blog.  We’re always really excited to get recommendations on foods/restaurants, places to go, or activities to do in the places we visit so keep them coming!