I’ve never been very good at documenting Carter’s age milestones and all the fun things that come with his growth.  I didn’t think it was exciting enough to document that he wasn’t a very smiley newborn or that he took forever to roll over, so I just got in the habit of not documenting at all.

Well now that Carter is 11 months old, he is a very active and exciting little boy!  So here’s a very long post about milestones that he’s reached recently.


He is very smiley with me, even more so with Scott, but not very smiley with strangers.  We usually just tell people that he’s really tired and that’s why he’s not smiling, but the fact is that Carter just doesn’t think adults using baby talk is all that interesting.

He absolutely loves food.  He eats anything and everything we give him and always asks for more by screaming… We’re working on the screaming part.  Everyone always comments on how “healthy” he is as they squeeze his thighs, but I know it’s just a nice way of saying, “Wow, you’re baby is fat!”  And I’m totally okay with that.  I like fat babies, and I think Carter pulls it off well.


His hair is long enough to put in little pig tails, but don’t worry I haven’t actually done it yet.  I think he looks pretty masculine for a baby, like it’s very obvious that he’s a boy, but 9 times out of 10 people guess that he’s a girl… That’s reason enough for me to not put his hair in pig tails even if it’s just for fun.  And yes, we’re still growing out his hair.

Carter is hilarious, as I’m sure most babies are at this age.  He is learning so much so fast!  He babbles all the time and looks at me like I’m crazy because I can’t understand him.  He says “Uh, oh” any time something falls (he purposely drops just about anything so he can say it) and he now says “Up” when he wants to be picked up.  Any time I’m in the kitchen he wants to be picked up so he can see what I’m doing, especially when I’m cooking.  I’ve gotten really good at cracking eggs with one hand!


He’s been clapping a little bit on and off for the past little while, but now he knows that we clap to praise him for something and he often starts clapping before us when he’s done something good.

He’s definitely a speed crawler and he loves going up and down stairs.  He’s also very eager to walk.  He walks every where he can hold on to something, whether it be the couch, chairs, tables, bed, walls, etc.  He stands on his own a lot, but hasn’t made too much progress with taking real steps by himself.  Despite his inability to walk on his own, he loves to climb and oftentimes it seems that he just can’t get high enough!  If he’s on the bed, he’s not satisfied until he’s standing on the headboard and holding onto the wall.  If he’s sitting on a cushioned chair, he’s climbing up the back until he’s standing on top.

He loves other kids, especially older ones.  At first he just watches them, then after a few minutes he’s got them wrapped around his stubby finger.  He’s chasing them and laughing with them, they’re trying to help him walk.  They pull him around the pool in his floaty and he splashes them.  We’re so excited for him to play with his cousins!


He has this little quirk where he’ll get super focused on something to the point where nothing distracts him.  He always makes the same face as he purses his lips a little and slightly furrows his eyebrows.  Nothing can divert his attention when he’s focused, not even food!  The only way to get his attention is to pick him up.  Sometimes I wish I had that sort of focus!

This is the real kicker for me–he loves it when I brush my teeth.  He always wants me to hold him when I do it and then he spits in the sink afterwards!  I laugh out loud every time because I just think it’s so random.  He also hates his own toothbrush.

I can’t believe that he’ll be a year in just one month!  It seems just like yesterday that we were celebrating his half birthday with my family.