Wow.  What a day.  Carter turned 1!  Since we are so far away from family, we thought we wouldn’t have anyone to share this special day with.  We feel so blessed to have made such amazing friends here in England and that they were able to come celebrate with us!  Carter just adores Leon (age 4) and he tries to follow everything he does.  They get along so well with each other.



Carter did surprisingly well at opening his gifts!  I used an idea I found on Pinterest of using newspaper to make gift bags.  It wasn’t the prettiest thing, but it worked and Carter enjoyed opening it all the same.


Giving his new lion a kiss.


Giving his new sweatshirt a hug.



Giving his new book a kiss.



We let him have his own cake to eat, but he didn’t really eat it at all.  I stuck a few pieces in his mouth, but he just spit it out haha.  He thought it was hilarious to dig his hands in and then fling them around!  I got the idea for the cake on Pinterest.  I’m not sure how she did her #1, but I laid down a piece of computer paper that I cut out then put the sprinkles on the cake.  I wasn’t able to remove the paper without taking off all the icing, so the paper stayed on… I don’t recommend doing it the way I did.  But it looked good in pictures and it worked for us!