Last week was a very hard week for me. I felt like giving up on everything and I just wanted to stay curled up in bed all day.  There wasn’t anything in particular that made my week hard, It was just one of those weeks where my lack of sleep caught up to me and I just wanted to wish everything away and sleep uninterrupted for several days! (Is that too much to ask??) … Even though it was a hard week, I kept to commitments I had made to others, and I put all the effort I could muster into my family. We had a great week as a family and I was able to complete my projects, so in all honesty I consider last week a HUGE success! (I shared a fable on my Instagram yesterday that adequately described how I was feeling last week.)

On Sunday night Scott and I had the opportunity to talk to some of the youth in our church about our 12 Countries in 12 Months trip and our travels with our bus. I don’t enjoy talking in front of groups of people AT ALL so having this event to look forward to all week was really weighing me down. As I was praying and seeking spiritual guidance about what to talk about with the youth, I kept thinking about our time spent in Taiwan. Taiwan was probably the most difficult country for us on our 12C in 12M trip because of the cultural difference and the language barrier, but we had an amazing experience in the country despite the difficulties. Scott and I talked about how we were able to seek the guidance of the Lord through prayer and as we did so, we experienced numerous blessings.

Meeting the Wu Family

Attending church in Taiwain

Finding information for my grandpa about a long lost friend of his

Learning to make sushi

Spending time with the Peng Family


Even though speaking in front of groups is hard for me, I am grateful for the opportunity that Scott and I had to do so and I’m grateful for the countless times I felt the Savior’s love as I prepared for it.  I’m also grateful for kiddos who are napping at the same time so I could have a minute to collect my thoughts and write this out!  Seriously though, I feel like I have no time to journal any more!

Here’s the video from Instagram with the audio.  Instagram wouldn’t let me post it with the audio because it had a song to it, so I’ll credit the musicians here: Song “All of the People” by Panama Wedding.