At the close of 2015, here we are as a family of 4. We’ve done a lot of memorable things this year, even some that could be considered unorthodox and downright crazy.



We lived in Ecuador and loved every second of our adventure there, including swinging on a giant cliffside rope swing adjacent to an active volcano.




We lived on the beach in Costa Rica getting extremely tan, and we finished up our Twelve Countries in Twelve Months trip by heading home to Texas.




Emily had her annual Nieces reunion, and this year it was done Downton Abbey style. We spent half the month visiting Scott’s family in Utah.


Scott asked me to pie him. I obliged.

Scott asked me to pie him. I obliged.


We kept life exciting by participating in Questival in Provo, UT with a few of our awesome friends who were crazy enough to be on a team with an 18 month old, as well as the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, UT.




We bought a Denver city transit bus (which was cheaper than the car we bought the previous month) with the intention of renovating it into a tiny home. Scott’s 2nd time ever driving it was when he left Denver in it to bring it to Salt Lake City.  And even though its been 7 months, the bus still looks the same on the outside.




Emily’s dad came to Utah for a week to help us with some bus renovations. Then ended up staying the entire summer since we had no idea what we were doing.  We also found out that Emily made it passed her iffy period during her pregnancy and we would be bringing another baby into the world come December.




Emily had a week long family reunion where over 70 of her close relatives stayed in one mansion-sized cabin in southern Utah.  We got to celebrate her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary with everyone there.




Still working on bus renovations, Carter turned 2 (We feel like he’s at least 4 though…), Emily’s little brother got married (the last of 6 siblings!), and we were still working on bus renovations.




We finally finished the renovations enough to live on the bus, so we started off our new adventure by heading to the Pacific Northwest!



This photo was stolen and used by Good Morning America for their “Boo! These Halloween Photos are Awkward” gallery. It also made it on the front page of imgur.


After spending time in the Tri-Cities, Seattle, Vancouver, Canada, and the Olympic Peninsula, we found ourselves in Portland, Oregon unwilling to leave. We decided to postpone our original California plans and experience life in Portland for as long as we could before the holidays.




After staying in Portland for an extra 2 1/2 weeks (4 total) we started the long trek from Oregon to Texas via the west coast by spending some time in San Fransisco, then flew in Emily’s mom and picked her up in San Diego. Emily’s mom helped us drive (because spending several days of driving behind the wheel is a bit more difficult when 9 months pregnant) the rest of the way to Texas and we did the 22-hour trip with the bus and a car in 25 hours over a 2 day period. It was intense to say the least, but we made it to Texas in time for Thanksgiving!




We brought baby Zelda into the world, got family photos of us on the bus, spent lots of time holding and loving baby Zellie, had a wonderful Christmas with a lot of family, and have now restarted some much needed renovations on the bus. “Always Be Renovating” is soon to be our bus’ motto.

This year has brought us so much joy and we’ve experienced many blessings, even during the trials and hard times. We are so very grateful for our now family of 4, and are excited about the upcoming adventures that we’ll make together in 2016. We’re not sure what this next year will bring, where we’ll go, or what we’ll see, but we look forward to doing it together and making the very best of it all.