Wow, this is it.  This is what 6 months looks like.  This is what 6 months, 3 continents, 10 countries, a whole lot of plane rides, and a lot less sleep looks like.  We are officially halfway through our Twelve Countries in Twelve Months trip and it seems surreal.  The only thing that I’ve been able to think about the week prior to reaching our halfway mark has been the Bon Jovi song, “Livin’ on a Prayer.”  Actually, I break out into singing the chorus every so often to really let the idea of being halfway done with our trip sink in. It works.

Many aspects of this song ring true as to how we feel and what we’ve been going through the past 6 months.  Scott’s finished up work with clients and hasn’t been able to solidify any long term work as replacements so we’ve struggled a lot with finances and worrying about if we’ll be able to make it through the month.  Through these times, in a way, we have been telling each other this:

“We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got

‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference

If we make it or not

We’ve got each other and that’s a lot

For love, we’ll give it a shot”

We remind each other that we chose this path and we can make it through together.  We hold each other close as our hearts break over and over again as we revisit the question of whether we just need to go home or not.  We realize that even if we do go home before making it to our twelfth country, that it doesn’t matter.  We have learned so much from the experiences we’ve had and we’ve grown closer together as a family than we could have ever dreamed and we have each other no matter where we are.

So yes, we are halfway there, and we are continuously living on a prayer.  We have felt God’s hand in our lives as we planned and prepared for this trip, as we’ve been prompted to go to certain countries (and avoid certain others), as we’ve been put in the path of the most amazing people who we now consider family, as we’ve had people from afar reach out to us with words of encouragement, as we pray together as a family over our daily safety, and as we revisit the question of whether to go home or not.

Honestly, we didn’t think we’d have enough funds to make it past the third country, but somehow here we are in the sixth country.  We don’t know how it happens, but when all seems lost and the bank account near empty, we have enough to continue on.  We know that it is not our time to go home just yet.  Scott still doesn’t have any long term work or new clients just yet, but we know that we must press on with faith.  We’re living on a prayer, and somehow we’ve made it halfway.

Halfway.  What does that even mean?  Have we experienced half of what we set out to experience?  Have we influenced half of the people we’ve met?  Have we seen half of the world?  To all of these questions, and many others, I answer “No.”

We’ve experienced 10 times the amount that we could have ever dreamed of and then some.

We have been influenced by dozens upon dozens more people than we’ve influenced.

We haven’t even come close to seeing a very small portion of the world.

There is still so much out there to discover, so much more for us to learn.  Even though it is very hard sometimes, we know that what we are doing will benefit our family more than we can comprehend at this time.  We are grateful for a loving God who never leaves our side, and especially for supportive family and friends.  Oh, and also for Bon Jovi for writing a song in 1986 specifically with me in mind, knowing full well how influential it would be to me.