Can I just say that I can’t believe this year of traveling is up at the end of March? There are many times when I wished we could’ve gone home sooner, and times like now when I wish it could never end, but we’re glad we accomplished our goal and we’re looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. I must say though, that many of the times when we wanted to come home, it was your support and encouragement that kept us going. We can’t thank you enough for that.

We started Twelve Countries in Twelve Months with the idea that we’d travel the world and then start our real lives upon returning. You know, 8-5pm job + traffic hours, house loan, several cars, having more children, paying bills, etc. As we’ve gotten closer to the end of the trip we’ve realized how much we’ve grown as individuals and as a family. We’ve understood that we didn’t need to finish the trip in order to start our real lives, but in fact, our lives have been shaped, shared, and stretched in ways we would have never imagined. We started our real lives long before this trip, and the experiences we’ve had while traveling have changed us forever. Knowing this has caused anxiety and uncertainty, and if we’re completely honest, we have no idea what we want for our future.

Actually, I take that back—we have so many ideas of what we want for our future that we have no idea how any of it will turn out. It just so happens that our traveling has engrained survival skills in us that will help us be successful in anything that we pursue. So bring it on future.

With that in mind, we’re still going to travel. We will always travel. Some people need to buy new things to feel fulfilled; we need to travel over and over again to feel fulfilled. It’s a part of our lives now and its something we are so excited to share with our little family as it grows.

It’s what’s fueling many of our future decisions, such as deciding to stay as entrepreneurs instead of finding “real jobs”, as people sometimes tell us we need to do (Scott with his marketing company and I with my new Photography company).  It’s part of why we want to build and live in a tiny home, and maybe even convert a bus into an RV so we can take our time exploring the US while looking for that perfect piece of land to settle in for a bit. We still don’t know what our future will really look like, and it’s changing all the time… but isn’t that part of the adventure?

Even though our official “Twelve Countries in Twelve Months” trip will be technically fulfilled at the end of March, we are still going to continue to travel as a family. We still want to have a place to share our lives with others and in return meet such wonderful people both online and offline.

So without further ado, we now announce the latest news from your favorite crazy people:


As of the first week of April, we will be moving to!

Though the name will change, our focus will not. We’re actually planning to write more about our travels than we’ve been able to (too busy traveling!), and we’ll be sharing much more about how you can make your own adventures a little easier.  We’ll also be talking about our journey to build (and hopefully enjoy) a small home, whether it’s on wheels, stilts, or made of stacked pallets. And beyond that, there’s plenty of more travel to come 🙂

So what will happen to

The only thing that’s really changing is the name.  Come April if you type in, you’ll be redirected to automatically.  Instead of keeping up a mausoleum of our past deeds, we’d much rather keep the travel flame alive and well, and we needed a name to reflect that notion.  Something a bit less time-sensitive than “Twelve Countries in Twelve Months”.

We’ll soon be launching a special “travel” section which will have more in-depth details about the big trip, navigating airports, using points to fly for free, the ins and outs of traveling with a baby, specific countries and cities we’ve been to, and guides on how to make your own trip a success – no matter where or when or with who it is.  We’re going to get personal about the costs of everything: our month-to-month expenses while on the trip, the costs we incur while trying to build a home this next year, and many more things to come.  Most importantly, we want to maintain a place that serves as a way to document our lives and see the silver lining in every scenario, whether on the road or not. WhereWeRoam will do just that.

So please, please, please please, please (hopefully I asked politely enough) don’t go anywhere, because we’re not!  We’ve still got our final country to go to, and we’ll be until the very end of it.  Already we’ve got some amaaaazing things planned for our final (possibly best?) month, including delicious food and the most “American” fun you can possibly have.

Thanks to everyone who’s been with us for this past year (and then some), and we’re excited to see you for a few more years to come 🙂