A few weeks ago we acquired a free play structure from our local classifieds ads.  It’s really quite a funny story because Scott was working while he felt inclined to check the “Free” section of the classifieds (he had recently picked up free sod that he put in our backyard and I’m sure he was feeling lucky again).  There it was, a free play structure!  The timing could not have been better because I already had plans to meet up with some friends with the kids so Scott packed up a few tools and I dropped him off at the nearby U-Haul rental where he got a truck and went to work deconstructing the play structure all the while the kids and I sat on the beach enjoying the sand, sun, and water 😊


The next day was the 4th of July and we had a busy schedule planned, but we knew we had to return the U-Haul at some point so Scott and I decided to tough it out and reconstruct the whole structure before we went to bed.  Now, Scott really did pretty much all of the work in putting this thing back together which is extremely impressive because it is super heavy and extremely difficult to do alone!  By the time I had the kids in bed and came out to help it was pretty much dark so we set up some lights and got to work finishing up some of the pieces that definitely required two people.


The kids knew that we had gotten a play structure and they had seen all of the different parts and pieces in the truck, but boy were they surprised the next morning to see it all built!


They have absolutely loved having this in our backyard and I am continually impressed by how much they are both learning and growing on it.  They are stretching themselves and their comforts to try new things and it is so fun to watch!


We love having this addition to our home and being able to give the kids a place to explore at home!  It has been especially wonderful for the kids and I since Scott has been taking the car early in the morning into his shared office space at the music studio downtown more often.  The kids and I go out exploring a couple days a week, and on the days that we stay home we have a blast on the play structure!  I’ll have to do a little tour of our whole backyard at some point because Scott really has worked hard to make it a fun place for our whole family!