We’re trying to make it more of a priority to let the kids be present while we’re cooking in the kitchen and especially to let Carter help.  He’s getting so old and responsible in so many ways, it’s great to see his desire to be involved and to help!  I want to be better at telling him “Yes” more and being more patient with the fact that having him help benefits all of us (even if it seems like more of a mess at times!).  With Carter and Zellie being in such different stages it’s hard to find one activity in the kitchen they can both help with so sometimes Carter and I wait until Zellie’s nap or we put her in the high chair and keep her entertained with food while Carter and I work together.  One thing that we’ve been making a lot of recently is cookies!  It is low stress for me, Carter can help with every step of it, AND Carter LOVES the end result!

The other day Carter and I were brainstorming ideas for things we could make in the kitchen and he insisted on popsicles!  I knew this would be an easy activity and Zellie could get involved too.  We often make a green smoothie and then freeze the leftovers into popsicles, but we were out of spinach so Carter decided on mango strawberry popsicles!  I don’t have a particular recipe that we used, we just blended some frozen mango, frozen strawberries, added some water, and little bit of a low carb, zero calorie sugar substitute.


We’re attempting to take more home videos during our daily life so I had the video going and Carter got all cute and cuddly with Zellie ❤️️


Zellie was mostly just a super cute observer while Carter and I added the ingredients and used the blender 🙂


I really love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood as far as kid shows go.  There are so many times in a day that I say, “Carter, remember Daniel Tiger? He said…” and I can sing one of his catchy songs about working together, sharing, going potty, being considerate of other’s feelings, working through frustrations, etc!  Both Carter and I were constantly singing, “When you can’t do it alone, work together!” as we made popsicles and it was really fun!


The time came for us to fill up the popsicle molds and Zellie started to feel really left out!  She kept leaning over to see Carter put a spoonful into the mold, and then a spoonful in his mouth and she wanted some too!  Also, that hair!  It doesn’t matter how many times I try to comb it out, it always ends up so ratty in the back haha.


That little tongue though!!


Zellie was really happy to help put the popsicle sticks in until she realized that she could use it as a spoon haha. The kids loved this little activity in the kitchen and they especially loved that they got to eat all the extra smoothie that didn’t fit into the popsicle molds!  Carter is still learning to understand the concept of time, so he’d ask about every 5 minutes for the rest of the day if the popsicles were ready to eat yet.  Finally, just before bed time the popsicles were ready!  I really didn’t feel like having Zellie be a huge mess from a popsicle, so we let Carter stay up late and eat a popsicle after Zellie went to bed.  Don’t worry, Zellie had several popsicles over the next couple days!