Our Little Rockband

In looking back at these photos I teased Scott about how he does not have a happy, inviting face when he plays instruments to which he responded, “Hey, I was laying down a sick jazz set right then, I couldn’t just smile!” Scott has had the opportunity to rent office space from this local music [Read more…]

Bald Butte Hiking

I could never ever ever tire from looking at this beautiful mountain.  The other week the kids and I ventured out to hike Bald Butte in search of some stunning views of Mt Hood and it did not disappoint!   This photo was taken from the car.  The two kids and I hiked up way [Read more…]

New Construction Outside

The road right off of our driveway is getting a HUGE makeover… For about 5 months they’re going to be tearing down and rebuilding a small bridge that goes over a stream.  Apparently this has been needing to happen for a few years now, and for some reason they just had to decide to do [Read more…]