The other day, after a big rain, Carter couldn’t help himself and he jumped right into the mud!  I should’ve known it was going to happen since he walked outside and was quiet for a long time… But I was nursing the baby and getting her to sleep so there wasn’t much I could’ve done anyways.  And, in all honesty, I loved seeing him roll around in all the mud.  He was just singing his heart out as he stomped through all the puddles.



Having a 2 1/2 year old can be hard sometimes because they want to be so involved in everything that is going on and help in every way, but they want to do it all by themselves.  The “Award Winning” mommy in me occasionally loves to let Carter do things on his own or help me out, but the “Efficient” mommy in me, more often then not, likes to just get things done the right way without a mess and without Carter’s help.

I’m trying to bring out the “Award Winning” mommy more because I know it makes Carter feel so special when I praise him for putting away his clean dishes, helping me make our breakfast eggs, letting him turn on the water by himself, letting him open the fridge and get his string cheese out by himself, letting him help with doing the laundry, using scissors by himself, climbing into his carseat and buckling himself in, cutting his food up, pouring his own milk…  The list could go on and on!  Sometimes I am so concerned about how his actions will affect me that I forget to think about how my actions will affect him.  At this point in our lives and with this stage he is in, how my actions will affect him is much more important.

I’m trying really hard to just let some of the little things go and be more patient with him and myself as he wants to help me do more and do a lot by himself.  Through this process, Carter and I are both learning how to communicate more effectively with each other and he is getting pretty darn good at making scrambled eggs by himself!  Standing back a little and letting him help with daily chores or cheering him on as he does things by himself will help him (and me!) in the long run so I’m going to do better at having him help and having more patience 🙂