Carter is the biggest crack-up there is.  And when you put underwear on him he becomes 1000x more funny and the absolute cutest thing you’ve ever seen!





The other morning I was a little more annoyed than usual with having to change his diaper and at the same time he asked to go to grandma Lisa’s house.  I told him that grandma Lisa said no more diapers were allowed at her house and if he wanted to go see her he would have to wear underwear and go to the bathroom in the toilet.

I didn’t think he would pay any attention to what I said, but to my surprise, he took off his diaper by himself and got out underwear to put on.  This was grand and all, BUT grandma Lisa lives in Texas and we’re in Colorado right now, heading to Oregon!  So… I’ve made one hefty promise that I can’t exactly keep if Carter ends up potty training himself this week!  We’re one day down and he did great!  Now to see if he remembers to put on underwear tomorrow…


IMG_7381 IMG_7387 IMG_7390