First, Scott and I just died laughing over these photos of them in their fishing vests!!  They are Scott’s and his brother’s (we think) from when they were young and it’s hilarious to see Scott and Carter wearing them now!  It’s like the illusion of pouring the same amount of water in two different sized glasses, so it looks like one glass obviously must have more water, but it’s actually the same amount of water.  The vests are actually the exact same size, but it looks like Scott and Carter should switch because Carter’s is huge and Scott’s is so tiny!


Zellie and her obsession with rocks… It took us a long time to get from the car to the water because she kept getting so distracted!


So we attempted to go fishing the other day, and Carter was so excited to go, but as soon as he realized we were fishing on a beach, he lost all interest in the fishing and just wanted to play in the sand.


He turns 4 in a month, but he still has chubby baby hands and that makes me happy!


This girl loves stomping around in the water with her boots!


And the result of one person (me) wanting a photo and the other two being bothered by the excessive wind and finding a stick and dirt much more enthralling.  I still love it though!  And we had a great time at the beach even though we didn’t fish like we intended to.  That’s the beauty of adventuring with kids though, you go with a plan and the plan often changes but you just go with it and you still have a great time!