Sometimes life gets crazy, and no matter how hard we try to plan and execute our plans they just don’t work out.  Recently our family schedule has been super crazy and Scott and I have felt overwhelmed with the idea of planning out a camping trip for the family. Any time we tried putting something together it seemed to not work out and we were getting discouraged, ready to give up on a family trip for the month of July all together. BUT then we realized that we have this large backyard that we can set up a tent in and we have a fire pit to do a campfire and it was all at the comfort of our own home! No need to do extra grocery shopping or meal prep, no need to pack up the car with camping gear, no need to pay for a campsite and guess what… The kids loved it just as much!! 🙌 We are eager to explore new places and camp outside of our backyard next month, but this was the perfect thing for our family the other day and we all had so much fun!


The kids’ favorite part about camping is definitely the tent.  They love jumping around on the mattresses haha and I’m sure they were in there for a good hour just jumping around!


We made Braaibroodjie (South African grilled cheese) and oh man did it flood back memories of our time in South Africa!  We made some amazing friends while in South Africa and they introduced us to these amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.  Definitely my favorite thing to cook over the fire!


What’s a campout eating without ooey gooey roasted marshmallows and getting extremely dirty in the process?


This evening camping was a really special one for us.  As the night sky grew darker Scott noticed that there were several bats flying around.  He then spent about an hour talking with Carter about the bats and how they don’t see with their eyes, but use their ears.  I obviously don’t know all the scientific details about bats haha, but Scott surprised me with everything he knew!  Though I’m pretty sure all of his facts came from The Magic School Bus 😂


Carter demonstrating flying without his eyes 😊


Carter was explaining to Scott everything he knew about bats and even though none of it was right (except that bats fly haha) it was adorable to see how knowledgable he felt and excited he was to talk about it.


Once the first stars made an appearance they pointed them out to each other.  Zellie just ran around in the tent, still jumping all over the mattresses haha.  It was so fun for me to step back and watch Carter; he is so eager to learn!  I think I’ll be doing an at home pre-school with him this year, or maybe a mom co-op one and I think he’s so ready for the challenge!