There is something so magical about the Christmas season and I have such fond memories from my childhood of the many traditions that I grew up with.  I feel like I’ve never done a good job with Carter during the Christmas season and I always gave the excuse that he just wasn’t old enough to notice or care.  So, this year with him being 3, I decided I was going to take Christmas very seriously!  But, then we’re not in our own home for the holidays and we’re traveling between Texas, Mexico, and Utah between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’ve never done this before so what in the world do I do, and yeah.

Needless to say, I felt overwhelmed.  A couple weeks ago, my mom stepped in and offered a little Christmas tree for us to decorate with our own ornaments so we went all out with Christmas decor in Carter’s bedroom at grandma’s house here in Texas!



One evening, after the kids bedtime we decided to pull out our Christmas suitcase and decorate the tree.  Carter was beyond excited to have a Christmas tree in his bedroom and it was really special for all of us to go through our ornaments and decorations together and tell Carter all about where they came from and when we got them.  We don’t have a theme to our Christmas decor at all, but everything that we do have is very sentimental and we love it.



This ornament was actually our cake topper at our wedding!  We got married in December so having this ornament from our wedding just makes me so happy 😊  Even if it did somehow break a little….



Our regular bulb ornaments are vintage glass ones my mom gave us the first year we were married and, especially after Zellie was let loose on them, I’m surprised at how well they’ve held up!


decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-7 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-8 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-9

Carter’s “First Christmas” ornament 💕


decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-10 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-11 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-12 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-13 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-14
decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-17 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-19 decorating-christmas-tree-with-kids-20

We set up our nativity from Chile on the dresser, hung our homemade stockings on the bedframe, and made a paper chain for Carter to rip off each day to countdown to Christmas.  To finish off the evening we read “The Night Before Christmas”.  We’ve read it almost every day since!

It might sound weird, but we’re telling Carter that Santa isn’t real.  We’re not cynics, we’re just trying to be honest with him!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Santa and the spirit of Christmas that he brings to this season.  I believed Santa was real until I was 11!  Yep, my parents and grandparents were soooo good.  I honestly don’t know how they did it ha and I’d much rather save myself now and be honest with Carter.  We tell him that Santa is really fun and special for us to pretend about, but we try to recognize Jesus as the symbol of Christmas.  I wasn’t quite sure how to balance all of the Santa stuff with Jesus stuff leading up to Christmas, so I printed out a little advent coloring book for Carter that depicts scriptures of the Saviors life and we try to do one of those daily.

We’re also making an ornament a day that goes along with similar scriptures in the advent coloring book.  I go along with the 25 Days of Christ countdown and I just use simple materials for Carter to make each ornament after we watch the associated videos and read the scriptures.  Making these ornaments and watching the videos each day has been so wonderful for our family!  I’m amazed time and time again at how much Carter is learning from our little chats about the Savior during and after the bible videos we watch.

It’s been hard being away from our own home during the holiday season, but we’ve been able to start some new traditions for our family that we’re excited about.  And we do love spending time with extended family so we’re grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to be able to do so!  I hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday season so far!