We went to a Christmas Tree Farm a couple weeks ago and cut down a tree for my grandparents!  I’ve been pretty horrible at this whole blogging thing recently… when Scott and I went to Mexico without the kids, I thought that I would be really productive and get caught up on the blog.  BUT in reality, I really really enjoyed being lazy and not having any responsibility.  So, here I am, back with my kids, my daily life overflowing with responsibilities, and I’m catching up on the blog!



No words. 😂😂😂


dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-2 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-3 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-4 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-14

Carter was so excited to cut down a tree!  He didn’t last long though because he thought the “leaves” were too pokey!  It was really cute to see him try though!



My dad being all goofy about taking down that tree!  The tree had the thinnest trunk I’ve ever seen haha so I think Carter probably could’ve cut it down himself.


dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-16 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-17

Now that the pokey leaves were gone he was super interested in sawing what was left of the tree!


dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-5 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-6 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-7 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-8 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-9

Always eating something she probably shouldn’t be eating.


dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-13 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-11

Her hair is completely unmanageable.  I’ve pretty much given up.


dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-12 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-10dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-19 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-20 dallas-tree-farm-van-alstyne-21

And why does she think it’s okay to put everything in her mouth??



Because she sees Carter do it 😂