The other week, Carter saw another little boy’s Robot Birthday Party while we were scrolling through my feed together.  Yes, sometimes Carter and I curl up on the couch and go through all of my SnapChats and Instagram feeds together.  It’s a special time that we cherish, until Carter wants to watch all of the sponsored SnapChats and I find them annoying…  BUT after seeing this robot birthday, Carter has been obsessed.  He’s constantly asking about when it will be his robot birthday and when he’ll get a big robot birthday cake and I just keep telling him that he’ll have to wait until August!



We did however get brown paper bags at the grocery store and I knew just what to do with them when we got home.  We made our own robot masks!  Carter was so excited.  He got out his own little scissors and helped me cut out the arm holes.  After we made sure it fit just right, he set out to decorate it.  He’s so funny with coloring right now and I love to see what he does.  He started trying to scribble out the “Pull handles up not out” and then traced along the outer edge of the bag with a few colors.  I helped out and put a few buttons and dials.  As I was drawing he would say, “Oh that is such a great idea mom!” Then he would take another color and trace around what I drew, or draw a dial on what I meant to be a button.  He also was adamant to write my name for me on his robot!  He said, “I’m going to spell your name mom: F-I-A.”  “Well that’s great Carter, but my name is spelled M-O-M.”  “Right, right.  (squiggle) M… Wait, there’s already an O here mom! (Pointing at a circle I had drawn for a button)… I’ll just do another M (squiggle).”  It really was the cutest thing.



I know this photo is horribly out of focus, but it shows so much about Carter right now!  He always wants his picture taken.  He stands still and smiles and then as soon as he hears the noise for the focus he runs over and says, “Can I see it now mom??”  I either don’t have any picture to show, or I have a very blurry picture to show him; this is one of the blurry ones and I love it.



He’s popping his hip out for this photo, that’s why the mask ended up a little tilted haha!



Then daddy came home from work and wanted in on the robot action too!  Scott took the role of robot very seriously and Carter thought it was hilarious!  He actually said to me, “Daddy is a hilarious robot isn’t he mom?”  Yes Carter, yes he is.








Carter and daddy took turns being robots.  Carter would push a button and Scott would say, “Initiate Party Mode” and he would start doing crazy dances.  Carter laughed and laughed and then would push another button to “Terminate Party Mode.”  It did not get old for Carter, but after a while it got old for Scott, so the next time Carter hit a button it was, “Self Destruct Mode” and Carter squealed and laughed and giggled while Scott crumbled to the floor.  It was really a perfect hour in our home.