We hope everyone had a fun 4th of July!  This year was probably my favorite 4th of July to date!  It was filled with so much food, so many wonderful friends, quite a bit of relaxing, and a really amazing fireworks show over the river.  Carter loved seeing “America” everything (anything that is red, white, and blue) and he had a blast all day long.  We started out the day by unveiling a pretty huge gift for our kids… it was a total accident that the unveiling ended up being on a holiday so hopefully they don’t expect big gifts every 4th of July!  We acquired a free play structure on Monday and Scott and I stayed up late into the night—flood lights, flashlights, and all—setting it up for the kids.  It was so fun to see how excited they were Tuesday morning to have a new giant playground in their backyard, but they were so sad to leave it for the festivities haha.  They got plenty of time later in the day to play on it though!


After attending a flag ceremony and breakfast, we headed off to the parade.  Carter showed very little emotion, but any time I asked how he was doing he got a big smile on his face and said he loved the parade.  This parade didn’t allow the entries to pass out candy, but a cop car went down the road a few minutes before the parade actually started and tossed out quite a bit haha.  Carter really loved the few pieces of candy he got!


He had is hand up the entire 45 minutes waving… The wave was very enthusiastic at the beginning and slowed quite a bit towards the end where he pretty much just held his hand in the air haha.


Zellie’s favorite thing in the parade were the horses!  There were a lot of horses too so she loved it.


After the parade we went to a friend’s house for a big BBQ.  They had so much good food, a bouncy house and a pool!  The kids were in heaven and I hardly saw Carter the entire time because he just ran off to play with his friends.  He came up to me every once in a while to ask for some water to drink haha.


Carter’s favorite was the bouncy house!  He didn’t try any flips or anything, but he loved running and bouncing around on it.


Zellie thought she’d try it out because Carter was doing it… she did not like it as much haha.  She had a little friend who was enjoying herself in the bouncy house though she she kept getting in and tried to like it!


After the BBQ we went home and the kids took naps while I just relaxed and Scott ran some errands.  It was a perfect break to a busy day!  We went out for fireworks in the evening and met our group of friends again in a giant field on the waterfront.  We played frisbee and football and made glow stick jewelry while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Carter had so much fun playing with his friends before and during the firework show and Zellie was getting sleepy so she was extra cuddly with Scott and it was adorable!  The fireworks were so good and they were such a perfect end to a perfect day!

I’ve been attempting to take more video recently and I’ve found that I either take a lot of photos, or I take a lot of video, but I don’t do a good mix of both haha so stay tuned as I work on editing the video because there will be a lot of fun stuff in it!

Thank you for being so great America and thank you to all those who have sacrificed for our wonderful country!