Oh boy, where do I even start…  Let’s just say that I’m so so so so so very grateful for my ability to switch on this crazy super-optimistic-nothing-can-go-wrong-even-though-everything-is-going-wrong side of me when I need it most.  And let’s just say that our day of flying from Utah to Texas was a great example of when I needed it most.

Earlier this week we left Oregon in our car (the bus is staying in OR and being watched over by some friends, THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and headed to Utah to visit family for a day.  We had so much fun with Scott’s family!!  We then headed to the airport to fly to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  I will start out this ridiculous series of events by saying that I let Scott decide our time schedule for arriving at the airport and I think he’s a little out of practice in regards to traveling with kids… He’s been on many trips for work over the last year, but he has TSA precheck now too so he’s super spoiled.

Okay, here goes nothing.

We left the house 15 minutes later than planned.  No biggie, I’m feeding the kids in the car so they’re not hungry and whiny at the airport so I’m feeling good.

Scott misses the exit to the airport.  I’m a little annoyed.  I might have even muttered something snarky *over* my breath about how we were late and now we’ve missed our exit… I apologized later on.

We get to the airport and unload and somehow we have a million bags and I’m feeling flustered.  We go to check in and I can’t find my driver license.  No worries Scott brought our passports.  Oh, Scott can’t find his phone.  While I’m trying to check us all in and Scott is looking for his phone in our million bags, I’m calling his mom who dropped us off to see if Scott left it in the car.  No luck.  I apologize way too many times to the lady checking us in.

We drop off our checked bags and go to security.  I bring plenty of water and food for the kids for the trip, but obviously it’s too much so we have to separate it and get it scanned again, and again, and then again.  For the record, I have never, nor will I ever be smuggling any sort of drug or weapon in my kids food pouches.

It’s now 2:40 and our flight takes off at 2:55.  Remember when I said I let Scott decide the time schedule?  We try walking very fast to our gate and Carter keeps yelling, “Wait mom!  Don’t leave me mom!” even though I’m holding onto his hand.  We’re flying Southwest and our gate is B20 of B22.  Obviously this is super awesome.

We make it to the gate and we go straight to get our boarding passes scanned.  The nice lady says, “Oh did you miss Family Boarding?  You could’ve gotten on way earlier.”  Through the nicest smile I’ve probably ever mustered in my life I say, “Oh don’t even get me started”.

We get on the plane and have to walk to the VERY back all the while Carter is staring at EVERYONE and picking his nose.  Also he’s making odd comments about the people he’s passing.  We walk the length of the whole plane and there are ZERO double seats available (we already gave up getting a whole row together).  We had to ask a nice young girl to give up her window seat and Carter and I climbed into next to a pilot and I passed Zellie off to Scott and they sat a few rows behind us.

The flight was only 2.5 hours and Carter was so very extremely excited about flying in an airplane that the time went by fast and he and I had a great time!  I uploaded a lot of Instagram Stories of the happy parts of our airport and plane experience 👍


We walked into the airport and found a bathroom.  Scott went while I watched the kids and our stuff (even though we checked our bags we somehow managed to have half a million carry-ons!).  While he was in the bathroom I realized that I left our extra phone (an emergency plan for Carter with a few shows) on the plane!  He RUNS to the gate and I’m left outside the bathroom with the kids and our stuff.

Carter is going a little crazy running everywhere but I don’t really mind.  I find a bench and sit down, then Carter says his “I have to poop!”  No worries, we’re all good with being very open with bodily functions such as pooping and peeing in public so I talk to him calmly about how we’re waiting for dad to come back and he needs to just try really hard to hold it and Carter continues to yell, “I NEED TO POOP!”  I decide to ignore him because we really had to wait for Scott to come back because he didn’t have a phone so I had no way to tell him that we went to the bathroom.

Queue Carter hiding under the bench and being very quiet.

“CARTER!  Do NOT poop in your pants!”  I say, and we then run to the bathroom as I’m flinging our half a million carry-on bags over my shoulders, carrying Zellie in the Ergobaby, and pulling Carter by the arm.

We make it the bathroom on time. PHEW.

We go back outside to the bench and there’s no Scott.  I don’t even know what to think at this point because I have no idea if he’s still at the gate working on the lost phone situation (the second lost phone of the afternoon need I remind you) or if he’s thrown in the towel and jumped on the next plane to Cuba (because Southwest flies there now).

My mom calls, I calmly tell her we’re not quite at baggage claim yet.  Still no sign of Scott.

Scott comes around the corner from the opposite direction of the gate he should’ve been checking on the lost phone situation and he’s panting a bit, “I thought you left!!!!”  Oh honey, where in the world would I go with all this baggage?  I could barely make it to the bathroom and it’s 10ft away.

The rest is quite boring.  And yes, we made it to the house and we’re having a wonderful time so far.  Who else is excited for Holiday traveling??