Pre-Snowpocalpyse we tried to spend some time outside enjoying the sun!  The sun was nice and all, but the temperature was low and miserable.  After spending some time at the library, Carter really wanted to take his scooter that he got for Christmas out for a ride!  We haven’t had many opportunities to use it yet with all this snowy weather, so I’m glad we bundled up and went out for a little bit on this day.

Zellie’s mullet is long enough for little pig tails!! Aren’t they adorable??  She looks so grown up!


Sharing snacks with her little friend at church 🙂


This was still pre-snowpocalypse.  We got a a nice few inches of snow when we first got back to Oregon after our holiday traveling.


Carter loves to make fog in the windows and draw in it.

SO HAPPY to be in the snow!


I put Zellie down for a nap on the couch one day and she slowly kept pushing herself off the couch haha.  I was watching closely the whole time and after I took this picture I put her fully on the couch again.  It was so funny to see that she could sleep in this position for as long as she did before I moved her!


I love this view of Mt Hood from our bus.  I’m soaking it in as much as I can because I’ll miss it so much when we’re gone!