I went to put together a quick blog post of what’s been going on the last little bit, but then I realized that I haven’t blogged since Thanksgiving!  So, here are quite a few phone photos from our time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We took Carter golfing at Top Golf and I was surprised at how much he loved it!  Grandpa showed Carter how to stand and swing and other than the above photo, he did not remember any of the tips haha.


But he really did have a great time and he didn’t fall off the structure (we were on the second floor) so I call that a huge success and I’m looking forward to when we can take him again!


While we were at Top Golf, we stopped by to see Santa and get a picture.  It was a pretty awkward experience and Carter did NOT want to go any where near Santa!  This was the weirdest Santa I had ever seen…


Zellie didn’t like him either haha.


Three cousins sitting and drawing together!  Carter and Oliver (far left) are just a few months a part in age so they tend to argue about everything and we’re often stepping in to break things up, but it was so fun to see them sit and draw together for over 20 minutes!  They would share paper and crayons and talk about what they were drawing and comment on each other’s pieces.  It was so fun to watch!


My mom threw a Who-ville themed Christmas party for us before we left to Utah.  It was so cute and the girls had fun dressing up!  I did the girls’ Who-ville hair 🙂  We had a yummy dinner with these Grinch appetizers pictured, then we watched Dr Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and talked about what Christmas really meant to us and our families.  It was a really fun evening!


My mom, sister, niece, Zellie, and I got to go to Waco and visit Magnolia Market!  I love Magnolia Market so much!!  It was fun to be there with my family and experience it again.


The last time I visited, the bakery wasn’t opened yet so getting to see the bakery this time was a special treat!  We tried several of the cupcakes and cookies and they were AMAZING!!!


Zellie’s hair these days is craaaazy!  Especially her bed head!  And her mullet is growing in quite nicely…


Krispy Kreme Christmas Donuts!


Drawings that I really want to remember:  I drew the Christmas tree and presents, then Carter asked to have a turn.  He drew Santa Clause (far right in black), a rocket ship (bottom in purple), a remote control monster truck (under the tree in green), and two spiders crawling up the tree (on either side of the tree in green).


I drew the frame for the ambulance and Carter drew the wheels, the steps to get into the driver’s area, the lights at the front and top of the cab, and the window to the cab.  He then asked me to draw a bed with myself lying on it holding Carter as a baby.  I really have no idea where this idea came from haha, but I love that he’s really getting into drawing recently and you can actually kind of tell what he’s trying to draw!


Visiting my grandma one last time before we left for Utah.  She fell and broke her hip and had surgery so we were able to visit her a lot in the hospital before we left.  My grandparents have been such a big part of my life and I’m so grateful to be so close to them.  It’s been a huge blessing for my kids to be able to spend so much time with them and get to know them even in their young lives!


Carter being super helpful in the airport!


Getting excited to board the plane!


He’s getting so big!  He gets his own seat now and he can buckle and unbuckle his seat belt all by himself!  He always has to have the window seat too 🙂


I went to take a picture of Scott holding sleeping Zellie because it was adorable but my flash accidentally came on and I got this “What in the world do you think you are doing right now with that light?!?!” face.  It was priceless.


And then this would’ve been a good photo except Scott is so annoyed with me taking pictures of him holding Zellie that he’s purposely shaking his head so I can’t get a good one.


Cuddling while watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve morning.


Zellie refused to sleep Christmas Eve (isn’t she too young for that?!?) so we let her stay up with us while we prepped everything for Christmas morning.  Her cousin was getting that rocking bassinet and baby doll and Zellie loved to play with it!  She would take the doll out then put it back in and rock the bassinet.  It was so cute!


A white Christmas!!  Seriously, it was so magical having the fresh snow.


Scott showing off a Christmas gift!  We got a lot of stuff this year for camping and we’re so excited to put it all to good use!


We went sledding with some friends we met in South Africa who happened to be visiting Utah at the same time as us!  We snuggled the babies up in the stroller, but Zellie only lasted a few minutes before she wanted to be held haha.


She fell asleep instantly and I did notice her poor ear after taking this photo and I covered her right up!!


Carter absolutely loved sledding!  I know I’ve said it on Instagram a lot already, but it surprises me how much this kid loves the snow!


Eating out after sledding at Cafe Rio with our friends from South Africa!  It was soooo good to catch up with them!!  We hadn’t seen them for several years and we both had new babies since we last saw each other.


Our last day in Utah I got the opportunity to visit the temple that Scott and I got married in.  It was a special experience for me to be able to revisit this sacred place in the same month that we got married here 6 years ago!  Though our time in Utah was short we had a great time and enjoyed having a white Christmas!