The road right off of our driveway is getting a HUGE makeover… For about 5 months they’re going to be tearing down and rebuilding a small bridge that goes over a stream.  Apparently this has been needing to happen for a few years now, and for some reason they just had to decide to do it the summer that we’re living here haha.

I’ve mentioned before on Instagram about how annoying our driveway is because it has tons of potholes.  Well, the construction workers must’ve thought it was pretty annoying too because they just spent the majority of last week laying new gravel on our driveway!  The city has worked it out with our landlord to use the driveway and part of the lot for their equipment during the construction process and I guess they were all really bothered by how bad the driveway was because they cleaned it right up haha.  Yay for us and a new driveway!


With the new driveway being laid, the kids loved being outside in the mornings watching the tractors while they worked.  We just set up our chairs in the shade and enjoyed the free entertainment for an hour or so every morning for a few days!


Now we have a new driveway and Carter is always excited to look out the window in the mornings to see what machines are being used during construction.  I think it might get even more interesting once they knock down the bridge!